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2016 Booking Season In Full Swing

If you haven't noticed, the 2016 summer booking season
is well underway with cottages being booked everyday.
In other words, now is the time to evaluate your summer
cottage needs and to contact WRD as soon as possible
while there is still a good selection. Avoid disappointment
and call WRD at 705-457-9434 for assistance in finding
the perfect cottage for your family !!!

Bill Dewey / Owner / President of WRD Cottage Rental Agency

Now Available - Exciting News !!!
Incredible accommodation to handle 14 people
for a family reunion, class reunion, golf group etc.,
give us a call for futher information !!! Stay tuned !!!
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You are one of over 1.5 million people who has visited this web site
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our family oriented agency !!!

If you need some help with your vacation, call us at
705-457-9434 and talk to one of our Vacation Planners who will
be happy to answer any question you may have.

If you are one of the multitude of people wondering if you can afford a summer vacation this coming summer, look upon cottage rental as the perfect way to have a great vacation without draining your bank account. For example, if you look at our average cottage last summer, you will see that the cost per person per night was only $32.00 if the maximum number of people were to occupy the cottage. Where else can one stay for $32.00 per night in this day and age of financial hardship. With this in mind, give us a call and talk to one of our Vacation Planners who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and who will assist you in finding the perfect cottage to fit your family budget. Each and every cottage in our system has been carefully chosen, personally inspected and certified by the WRD Cottage Rental Agency.

Phone 705-457-9434 Fax 705-457-9146
or E-mail - info@ontariocottagerental.com

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*** Cottage Owners Please Note ***

We are a family oriented rental agency !!!
August and September is the best time to list your cottage for rental
with this agency in preparation for rentals the following summer.
However, we take on new cottages all year round. During the winter
months we can only photograph the interior and hopefully you can
provide summer pictures of the exterior. If this is not possible,
contact us during the winter and make an appointment with us to
view your cottage in spring as soon as everything begins to bud.
For additional information, call WRD Cottage Rental at

Here is what our cottage owners are saying about us !!!

"For the past 5 years we have used WRD to rent our cottage in Haliburton.
Our experience has been outstanding. Bill and the staff at WRD are most
helpful, courteous and effective at securing qualified rentals. When we
first decided to rent our cottage five years ago we had some concerns
as to how it would work out. We have now had over 50 rentals and have
been very pleased with the marketing of our cottage, the suitability of
renters and the overall rental experience. Great work WRD!"

"Six years ago, we purchased a cottage with the intention of renting it and
chose WRD Cottage Rental Agency to represent us. We are happy to say
that we have been fully rented each and every summer as well as many
winter rentals. We have been so pleased with the performance and service
we received from WRD, that we have purchased another rental cottage and
with the help of WRD, we are confident it will be a success as well."

"Our cottage is our special place, and the idea of renting it out was
uncomfortable for us. We have been with WRD for 8 years now and all
our fears have waned. Now we are happy to share our cottage with
approved renters from WRD. They all have been easy to deal with,
respectful of the property and leave it as they found it, if sometimes not
a little better. The staff at WRD are great and there has never been a
delay in payment or any issue that we could not address within a
timely manner. You guys are great, keep up the extra effort."


The management and staff at WRD are absolutely the BEST!
My husband and I were new to renting and Bill and his staff
helped properly represent our property and prepare it
for happy renters.  They reviewed the property in person,
provided guidance on rental rates, and also provided feedback
to us when we were looking at improving it.  We always got paid on
time and always got feedback on what our cottage might need
when we asked for it. Fran and Darlene are excellent and have
always communicated well on all matters. 2014 will be our 10th
rental season with WRD and our cottage has been heavily
booked each season. We have also made use of the WRD
cottage change-over service as we live in Toronto, and that
has been flawless. I  would strongly recommend WRD to anyone
looking at renting out their Haliburton or Muskoka property.
You will not be disappointed.