WRD Cottage Rental Agency

Another Cottage Booking Season is About to Begin!  

Here are some Cottage Rental Tips to help you find the best cottage for you and your family.
If you will be renting a cottage for your family in the near future, WRD Cottage Rental would like to help you. We hope the following steps will help make choosing a cottage a less stressful activity.

1) Start as early as possible. Summer cottages start booking at the beginning of December for rental in July and August and our vacation planners are here to assist you in your search.

2) Develop a budget.  Our agency has approximately 150 cottages ranging in price from $1000 per week to well over $4500 per week.  By determining a budget you will cut down on the time spent on finding a cottage. All cottages are listed on our Availability Page in order of rate-per-week.

3) Determine how many people will be in your group. Are there medical situations to consider such as people with back and knee problems?  They will not want to stay at a cottage which has a steep property from the cottage to the shore.

4) If there are specific things you wish to do during your vacation such as fishing, playing golf or attending a particular event, let your vacation planner know and she will be able to suggest a particular lake or chain of lakes to suit your needs.

5) If you want to compare one cottage with another, we suggest you determine what the cost is per person per night at a given cottage. 
To determine this, take the rental rate such as $2400 per week for example, divide this by the number of people allowed at the cottage (10) and divide this number by 7 (nights). Therefore the cost per person per night would be $2400 divided by 10 and then divided by 7 to get an answer of $34.28 which is the cost per person per night. Now you can easily compare one cottage with another by doing the same calculation with another cottage. Please understand that this agency has determined the cottage rental rate for each cottage in our inventory to be fair, impartial and accurate based on over 160 factors which exist within the cottage and on the cottage property.

6) If you have any doubts or questions about the area where your cottage is situated, simply talk to your Vacation Planner. He or she is well versed as to exactly where your cottage is located and are able to provide an opinion with regards to the particular lake and the neighbourhood.

7) Please remember, the booking season starts in earnest on January 2nd. Do not procrastinate, start your search NOW before the cottage of your dreams is fully booked.

8) Choose your cottage rental agency carefully. Make sure the agency knows the area or lake you want to be on and that they can assist you in choosing a cottage that will address your family’s needs?

We invite you to call WRD Cottage Rental Agency at 705-457-9434 and talk with one of our Vacation Planners about your needs and budget, or you can email us at info@ontariocottagerental.com. We have been assisting people like you for the past 25 years.

Last but not least, be informed that we have visited every cottage in our inventory and on our website www.ontariocottagerental.com and 95% of the pictures on our site were taken by a WRD representative so we are well aware as to what our cottages have to offer.

The WRD Cottage Rental Agency welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your family achieve your 2020 vacation plans and dreams.